Double pile

See Him LIVE

Since he met Sandra, Alain is not the same. He believed only liking the ladies, but this one, when she released the cock she hid in her skirts, made him discover a world he never even suspected. The beautiful face of Sandra, beautiful collarbones volunteers, breast to bend a keeper, hips and buttocks promising high on muscular legs are what attracted him to the lady he had met. The first time they did, when he saw his cock, he was first surprised then when he put in his mouth, he grabbed a breast, and put a finger in ass, then he found himself in familiar territory and the rest happened by itself. Kiss the girl brings him a pleasure he has experienced with any other. His rod is better than a little button, she can put him in the ass and give him new sensations. Alain is proud of his girl and when night falls on them, he takes delight till morning.